Monday, March 26, 2012

How can I maximize battery performance

How can I maximize battery performance? There are several things you can do to improve battery performance.
·         Often to charge the phone. This action will not affect battery life.
·         Downloading data from the Internet will drain the battery. Disable data traffic when you are not using the Internet.
·         Disable the Global Positioning System, Bluetooth ™ and Wi-Fi ® when you use it.
·         Align your account manually, or increase the time between synchronization intervals.
·         Check the battery use the menu to find out that most applications use a lot of power.
·         Close and exit from apliukasi who do not use.
·         Lower the screen brightness level.
·         Switch off your phone or use the mode if the aircraft are in an area not covered by the network. If not disabled, the phone will continue to scan for available networks, and it consumes power.
·         Change the wallpaper is not a live wallpaper. Live wallpaper consumes more power.
·         Use hands-free device for listening to music, rather than built-in loudspeaker.
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